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more linearts!

Some more lineart commissions!

Lineart comms for friends! <3

aaaand some more!

Some more animal crossing comms!

Some Chacal.

you ever just

Been a minute! Here are some animal crossing commissions I have done!

For the LATINXSCREATE hashtag on Twitter!

Sad Clown Vibes 💔🤡✨ thank you twatter for unlocking this art for the world to seeeee

#TOONME! One regular and one clown. 🤡

A Kyeda piece to match the one I did for her mom.

sand druid half orc 😮

gifts for frendz

A bear dump. My new fursona! Cloud Bear! They/Them

small doodle before zzzz

Trade with my buddy, Chris! This is their SW OC, Caez.

i decided to watch this on a whim, now im 10 episodes in

Meet the artist 2019! I do this meme every two years.


my main mans, calico ysennius!


re-sketch off an old piece i was doing back in like 2014 of my succ. updated hair and body type wohoo! self image!

witch bitch @w@

(me being one of em)

Some halloweenie commissions I did around the holiday!

YCH commissions I’ve done recently!



how nice to see you corvo



demon calico from vampire au

King Valour for a friend 👀

Good good backlog!

i swear they smell the blood on me
i hear them comin for me

xensa belongs to @scoutsart
song lyric || blood on me by sampha

your yearly buff lezar

a cute



trying chibis for the first time in honestly like.. ten years. how’d i do?

char! char! char!

Doing a collab with a friend. Samus!

yummy all in your tummt

(sfw vers)




nothing stands between u and ur dreams

werewolf meeee


catch you later

b b b backlog

shimada on the mind

space lesbians


and when you feel love
you are still, in some form
in pain

the “i used to be the straight friend” face

for some good peeps i kno


for my best fraaand

i’ll meet you in the low tide

and then they drew genji screaming

carousel dokis

:O hero au calico!!! he’s a villain that teleports, very nightcrawler-esque but like a fuck boy with butterfly knives that’s too much of a scared child to really kill anyone



if you’re feeling stuck with poses, put the piece down (an hour, a day, a month) and come back later with fresh eyes. (right side prime example)

80s monster au calico and scout

some mood shit lemme tell ya

I had some feelings!

I’m home from spring con season. Have my boy.

Robert Monterroso


A trade with my friend, fernybee!


I’ve been using Habitica to keep my tasks and to-do’s in order! It’s great, honestly!